Florida Man Jerky will be a USDA inspected facility by the end of the month. This allows us to wholesale jerky to other businesses, and be a co-packer for other jerky companies. Hopefully this will increase the level of legal and legit jerky in the state of Florida.

We are also looking to go national with our jerky. So yes, Florida Man Jerky is “Taking Off!”

My mom always taught me that if you can’t do it right….don’t do it. With this in mind, we cannot do both Florida Man Smokehouse AND Florida Man Jerky at the same time. For this reason we no longer serve food on a daily basis.

“COME GETCHA SOME” still applies. We will be in the same location for the foreseeable future. Come on in and get some jerky, freeze dried candy, and BBQ Pellets. We also have a lot of delicious bratwurst. Come get some and heat them at home!

We thank you all for your support…you have been a blessing.